I cant wait for these up coming events !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Please look at the centre’s blackboard  and Facebook Page for Parent Meetings and other important notices.

Term Four commences Monday the 15th October.

Bunnings BBQ- Sat  20th October. Helpers needed.

In Term Four between the 1st November and the 14th December we will have our Quality Assessment and Rating Visit by the DET.If you are here on this day please take the time to speak to our officer about the quality programmes offered at Girrinbai and how your child is progressing.

Preschool Photos  on Monday 29th , Wednesday 31st October and Friday 1st November . Please pay online directly to the photographer.

Orientation Visits commence for new children starting in 2019 from... week 2.

Aboriginal Cultural days will be held  throughout the term presented by Nana Wilson and Aunty Steph.

End of Year Disco will be help on Wednesday 12th December at Jewells School Hall. Details to follow.

End of Year Graduation and Presentation (all children) will be held on  Monday 17th December -All children welcome to attend. Term Four concludes on Wednesday the 19th December 2019.

Term One commences for Staff from Tuesday the 29th January.

Children commence from Friday 1st February. Please commence at your allocated starting times to help make the transition to preschool easier and more individual.

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