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Please look at the centre’s blackboard  and Facebook Page for Parent Meetings and other important notices.

Term Three commences from Monday the 20th July.

Term Three concludes on Friday the 25th September.

Term Four Commences from  Monday the 12th October.

Term Four for children attending in 2020 will be Wednesday 16th December.

Preschool photos will be taken- Monday 2nd November ,Wednesday 4th November and Friday 6th November.

Orientation for new children in Term 4 with a limit of 2 adults with Covid rules in place.

Enrolment Night for new children- Set for Wednesday 16th September- however this may not go ahead due to CoronaVirus  limitations. Individual meetings for families will be scheduled either via zoom or phone meetings.

Due to Coronavirus- groups will be participating in separate play times. The Kimberley Room will be scheduled for outdoor play in the first 5 weeks of each Term. The Coral Room in the last 5 weeks of each Term. We will alternate our play to keep the children in small groups which as per Covid guidelines for Early Childhood Centres.

Term one  2021ncommences on Wednesday 27th January for Staff.

Term One 2021 commences for children from Monday the 1st February.

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