Sun Policy:

         Sun care/Hat Policy Girrinbai Community Preschool.

1. All children will wear a Sun smart hat that protects the face, neck, ears and the crown of the head for outdoor activities and any excursions.

* Parents will provide hats for their child. Hats will be either a broad brimmed hat with a brim size of at least 6cm   or a legionnaires style.

If parents forget to send a hat then a reminder notice will be sent home with the child on the day the child forgot the hat. 

*The centre will supply a spare hat for a child if they do not have their own hat. This hat will then be placed in the washing basket at the end of the week.

*Educators will ensure that all children are wearing their hat during outdoor activities.

2. All educators  / students /parents and volunteers   will act as positive role models and demonstrate sun smart behaviour when staying at the centre.

This will require the wearing of a Brimmed (brim size at least 7.5 cm) or Legionnaires hat that protect the face, neck and ears during outdoor activities.

Educators will apply 30 plus sunscreen 20 mins before going outside.

Educators will supply their own hats

Educators will utilise the shade wherever possible.

Educators will wear sunglasses that meet the Australian Standards when outside.

Educators will wear Girrinbai Preschool Shirts as the Uniform to promote sun smart clothing.

3.  Parents will be requested within reason to dress children in clothing that gives protection from the sun. This clothing will be:

-Clothing that will protect as much skin as possible.

-Loose fitting clothing in summer that covers the shoulders and chest, back and stomach.

-Trousers or longer style shorts/ dresses / skirts.


4. SPF30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen will be applied to all children and educators at certain times throughout the day.

Parents will be asked to apply sunscreen on their child before attending the centre. This is due to studies showing that sunscreen does not become effective until 20 minutes after application.

Educators will also apply sunscreen to themselves before attending the centre.

Sunscreen will be provided to children upon arrival if the parent has forgotten.

Educators   will then re-apply sunscreen 20 mins prior to outdoor play to themselves and to the children when applicable

5. The service will minimise outdoor play times to adjust to the season.

October - March: Outdoor activity times will be minimised between 11am and 3pm (Eastern Daylight Saving Time). Sun protection practices are required at all times when outside.

·  April – September: Outdoor activity can be planned at any time of the day. Sun protection practices are required between 10am and 2pm (Eastern Standard Time), except in June and July when the UV Index is mostly below 3.

Due to having outdoor play first during daylight saving time, parents will need to APPLY 30+ SUNSCREEN TO THEIR CHILD BEFORE ARRIVING.  Sunscreen is available at the centre in both classrooms for use.  Educators will apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to going outside for non-daylight saving times.

*Outdoor Activities will be held in shaded areas where possible.

*Hats and sun smart clothing will be worn all year.

6. Sun Protection will be a specific consideration for excursions.

*Clothing, hats and sunscreen will be essential on excursions.

*Activities will be conducted in the shade if possible.

7. The service will provide adequate shade for outdoor play.

*Sun shelters will be provided.

*Shade trees will also be maintained.

8. Sun protection awareness activities will be included in the teaching programme.


9. Sun safety messages will be promoted to parents through the newsletters.

10.Parents will be informed on this policy upon enrolment. This policy is placed in the enrolment   booklet. Bi- Lingual Resource Educators will be utilised when necessary to explain this policy.

11. The policy manual will be included as part of the Orientation process to new educators and students. Sun protection will be included in this manual and students will be required to follow the procedures as outlined in the manual. Educators will be required to sign a person protection form to comply with these policies.

12. Educators will be provided with literature and in-service seminars pertaining to sun protection when applicable or when made available to the centre.

13. Posters will be displayed to promote sun safety.