Students from University, TAFE and Work Experience from High Schools , are periodically involved in our centre .

An Orientation booklet is available from the Director to assist students with an understanding about how Girrinbai operates.

Expectations of Students

* Arrive promptly

* Dress sensibly , with comfortable shoes -always have a professional appearance. No midriffs showing. 

* Show Director/ Teacher lesson plan early in the morning.

* Be prepared to take direction when needed.

* We sit on chairs (not tables).

* Interact with all children at the service without bias.

*Speak confidently with children.

* Be consistent with children.

* Our Code of Conduct requires you to be positive and professional at all times- if you want a copy see Director (or view the Code in our Policy section on our web page).

* Preschool is a non smoking zone.

* Always ring the centre at 8.30am-9.00am if you will be absent for the day.

* Ask staff if you are unsure of the spelling of a child's name.

* Write child's name in lower case letters in the top left hand corner of the page e.g. Robert.

* Return promptly from lunch breaks-minimum 20 minutes ,maximum 30 minutes.

* If you are unsure of your responsibilities ask the Director or Teacher for guidance.

* Show initiative at all times-if you can't find anything to do ask the staff.

  1. *Be prepared to be flexible, this is an essential characteristic of an Early Childhood Educator.

  2. ** Enjoy yourself!!!



1. How is the Service Funded?

The preschool is funded through a subsidy or grant from the State Government. The controlling body is the Department of Education and  Community Services. We receive an annual grant that is determined by the amount of children we have at the centre and the families needs e.g. low income, handicapped children , children from a Non English Speaking background.

2. What Subsidies Apply?

Parent's receive a subsidy for fees if they are below a level of income set from poverty lines from the Department of Education and Community Services.

Parents can also receive a subsidy on their daily fee is their child is absent and their position has been filled with a substitute child. This means that they do not have to pay their daily fee if the centre is able to fill the position for the day.

3. Use of Accidents/ Medicines and Sickness Books

There is a standard form for staff to complete for medication and accidents / illnesses. Parents are to sign all forms and receive a copy of the forms. Forms are maintained at the centre for 21 years.

4. Use of Day Books.

We use day books as our rolls .These contain the children enrolled for the day. Parents must sign books upon arrival and departure. There is a comment section on the day books so that parents or staff can add a comment where applicable e.g. Mrs Brown to collect today. Sunscreen needs to be applied , medication today etc.

5.Methods of Programming.

We follow the National Curriculum: The Early Years Learning Framework.

Educators programme for a variety of areas. It is essential that educators programme for the areas: social /emotional, math’s, science, language / music, anti-bias, cultural, cognitive, fine and gross motor, Literacy and numeracy.

Outcomes for children are based on the five learning outcomes as established by the Early Years Learning Framework.

1.Children have a strong sense of identity.

2.Children are connected and contribute to the world.

3.Children have a strong sense of well-being.

4.Children are confident and involved learners.

5.Children are effective communicators.

All children are programmed for individually and reviewed four times per year. A detailed portfolio is provided for each child in attendance.

Educators  plan and programme for daily music , language ,gross motor ,fine motor, creative expression, maths/ science , social dramatic areas , cognitive extensions ,literacy ,numeracy  and cultural activities. We use the guidelines from the Curriculum Framework in conjunction with digital documentation. Our programme reflects emergent curriculum as well as structured scaffolding tasks. We incorporate technology where ever possible.

Plans are written and displayed on the boards for parental viewing. We are also moving to a digital formation in our programming.

In addition to this, there may be interest projects over the year based on inservices  educator’s have attended or parental requests e.g. persona dolls, protective behaviours programme, children’s reflective statements.

6.Diagram of Management Structure

Management Committee / Director

Clerical Assistant


Child Care Assistants



The centre has a comprehensive policy register .Some of these policies are available on our web page. Policies remain the property of Girrinbai Preschool.

8. Grouping of children

Our groupings are flexible-parents of older children  can select up to four days. younger children  attend mainly on Wednesday but are not restrictive of this unless they are under three years of age.

However some children only attend one day or three / four days .

Therefore we cater to the needs of parents and their working conditions.

Our main philosophy is to group children in small groups so that all groups are small e.g. 10 children or less except for the afternoon home time group and songs by the piano as a whole centre group.

We divide into two groups during structured language/ music/ maths or science.

Our centre supports a team teaching approach. We use the strengths of our individual staff to enhance the learning of the children.