Mrs Sue Smith Retires from Girrinbai.

At the end of Term Two  2016 we celebrated the retirement of Sue Smith from Girrinbai (Officially at the end of the year). Sue has worked alongside of me (The Director)  for the past 24 years and together we have both grown as Teachers .Over this time I have had the privilege to have worked with both Sue Smith and Gail Brewer- two outstanding teachers that I am glad to have known throughout my teaching career.

Sue has been an outstanding teacher for many years. She has provided wonderful support for the children and families that have attended our centre for the past 24 years.  Sue is the kind of teacher that was “born to be a teacher” with the most caring attitude to her children. Sue was creative, inspiring and energetic. Her love of the children shined through every day with her interactions. Sue was always engaged to the children. She simply loved play and seeing the children develop and grow. She will be sadly missed at Girirnbai and will always be welcome as a casual at any time. I hope the next phase of your life is as rewarding as your time at Girrinbai !!

with  much love  Lyn.


We welcome Fleur Robinson to Girirnbai in 2017. Fleur has just been appointed as our new Teacher for the Monday/ Tuesday Coral Room Fleur  is also the Teacher on Wednesday in the Kimberley Room when Lyn takes a full day in the office. Fleur has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Hons and a Major in Special Education. Fleur has been teaching for 9 years and she has spent the last 4 years at the International Grammer School in Sydney.

Linda in Term Three was outstanding in her organisation and community involvement in the Fill the Farmer’s Truck.Linda also spent a long time helping the children understand the important role that Farmer’s do as well as teaching the children about the drought in NSW.

Linda teaching the children about the Drought and some of the donations  for our farmers.

Staff News and Training in 2018

  1. *All staff completed first aide training to ensure that we all can manage any  emergency situation.

  2. *In the April School Holidays staff will be completing training in “Working towards making a Reconciliation Action Plan and  looking at ways that services become exceeding through the National Quality Standards.

  3. *Our Teachers complete many hours of training every year in line with Teacher Accreditation Standards.

  4. *Lyn has recently completed several training opportunities on Leadership and Financial Management. This training was funded by the DET. 

  5. *All staff have been reflecting on the national quality standards using the board game.

Staff News and Training in 2017

  1. * All staff completed training on our development day which focused on review of  our philosophy as well as discussing the Code of Ethics and ways to incorporate this code in our service.

  2. *Noeline and Tamara have completed training in Autism.

  3. *Lyn has completed webinars on the EYLF, 10 steps to reading stories and Leadership in Preschools.

  4. *Lyn has completed Tony Attwood’s training in Autism.

  5. *Tamara has attended training on autism.

  6. *Lyn has completed training on the new Start Strong Programmes at preschool.

A Dedication to Kim Halsey From Lyn Best

In Memory of Kim who passed away on the 7th August 2007 from Breast Cancer.

* I remember the day that Kim came to see me to ask if we had any positions at the centre. It was my first year at Girrinbai (1994) . Kim told me that the only experience that she had with children was in raising her own two children- Kate and Todd. It must have been fate. I was looking for a new Special Needs Support Assistant to commence in Term Two. After spending time talking to Kim about the position and her role at the centre- it did not take me too long to sense that Kim was a warm, genuine and caring person. I always rely on my emotions to guide me.

Kim started at Girrinbai in April 1994. Kim and I shared a lot in that first year. We both lost our dads one week apart. The warmth and understanding that Kim displayed too me at this time will always be appreciated. We both struggled together through this ordeal in our lives. Her positiveness kept me going to deal with my grief at that time.

During the 13 years that I worked with Kim- I knew that any child who I enrolled with a special need ( Autism, Downs Syndrome, Hearing Disabilities) Behavioural Difficulties, Developmental Delays, Muscular Dystrophy, Physical Disabilities) - would have a very caring and committed and warm support person to guide them through their childhood

Kim was willing to take on board the programmes that I implemented for the children. Kim ( along with our other support staff) attended any in-service training that I recommended to help develop her knowledge and skills .

Over the years- Kim became so skilled in reaching and supporting children with additional needs. I knew that no matter what disability a child had-Kim had the patience and understanding to be able to provide their lives with appropriate guidance and nurturing during their time at Girrinbai.

I will miss her terribly as will all of us at Girrinbai. But I can’t help feeling that she is still apart of us in many things that we do here. Her memory will never be forgotten.

I was not able to speak at her funeral on behalf of the centre as I was too sick at the time.

I wish to thank our management committee again- in particular Sue Gay- Sue called me at home during my illness to say that she was closing the centre so that all staff could farewell our special friend. We thank you deeply.

In my 22 years of teaching under a management committee- The committee’s at Girrinbai over the years have been the most compassionate and decent caring individuals . No wonder the children that we teach are so special to us all.

Thank you Kim for being you.

Meet the Staff.

Lyn :

The Director of Girrinbai and Teacher of the Kimberley Room. Lyn has been teaching for 30 years and directing for 28years. Lyn has  lectured in Child Development at the Belmont TAFE. Lyn has also lectured for the 4th Year University Students as a guest lecturer. Lyn is also a Teacher Accreditation Supervisor  for NESA. (National Education Standards  Authority) She obtained her Degree of Early Childhood Education at Newcastle University.

 Her interests in education are :

     Maintaining a high quality service.
     Maths and Science in Early Childhood.
     Implementing a Non-Sexist Play Program.
     Perceptual Motor Skills-movement and music combined.
     Gifted Programming.
     Child Development.
       Aboriginal Education .
     Anti- Bias Education.
     Special Needs Education.


Fleur is the Teacher in the Coral room on Monday and Tuesday. Fleur is now the Teacher in the Kimberley Room when Lyn is in Office Time.  Fleur  has her Bachelor of Early Childhood and a Masters in Special education.  Fleur commenced employment in 2017. Fleur has taught overseas and at the Sydney Grammer School in Early Childhood. Fleur also lectures at TAFE in Early Childhood. Fleur is our Educational Leader under the Regulations.

Her Interest in education are:


  Regio Emilia practice
  Science and Maths in early childhood.
Programming and Planning


Gillian is the Teacher in the Coral room on Wednesday/Thursday and Friday. Gillian also relieves Lyn for half a day on Monday and Tuesday whilst Lyn is in the office.   Gillian has her Bachelor of Early Childhood. Gillian has been a Child Care Educator  for 19 years. Gillian has recently graduated with her Teaching Degree. 2016 will see Gillian in her second year as Teacher.

Her Interest in education are:


  Sharing her love of the Aboriginal and Asian Culture especially Thai and the Vietnamese. 
  Story Telling- using any props to enhance the story that I can create.  
  The outdoor environment and helping the children to discover the wonder in the environment.


The Assistant in the Kimberley Room.

 Linda has worked at Girrinbai Preschool since its inception and holds her Diploma in Early Childhood.

 Her interests in education are:

     Signed English /Auslan and Makaton.
     Teaching the Staff Signing.
     Introducing the children to animals and environmental concepts. Teaching sustainability within the preschool.

 Jody :

The Assistant in the Coral Room on Monday and Tuesday and Friday. Jody has her Diploma in Social Science ( Child Studies) from TAFE and has Worked at Girrinbai for 17 years. Her Interest in education are:

     Non-sexist and Anti- Bias Programming.
     Creative Play experiences.
     Drama/Music and Movement.
     Special Needs Children.

 Noeline :

The Assistant in the Coral Room on Wednesday and Thursday.  Noeline has her Diploma in Social Science ( Child Studies) from TAFE and has has commenced this role in 2018.  Her Interest in education are:

    Sustainability in the early childhood environment.
     Aesthetics as a tool of learning.


 Additonal  Inclusive Support Educators :

Girrinbai also employs inclusive support educators depending on funding provisions.   Our Educators are:  Noeline Kilpatrick, Tamara Edwards , Chrissy Carey. Hayley Mudford and Tamika Stuart.

we also have very reliable casuals: Jenny Macquire and Paradise Bagwell.

Cultural Teachers :

Our Cultural  Teachers 

 Interests at Girrinbai include:

     Incorporating  Cultural programmes in the Early Childhood Curriculum. 
     Assisting  children  with  English  as their second language to integrate in the centre.  


Speech Pathologist:

Emma Hardie is our Speech Pathologist. She also has a Private Practice. Emma can be contacted on : 49450618

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