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Girrinbai  Pre-school is located at Jewells, New South Wales, Australia.( Approx. 120 Kilometres north of Sydney ). Jewells is a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie and is located on the Eastern side of Lake Macquarie, Australia's Largest Saltwater Lake. We are also a part of the Hunter Valley, a region famous for our vineyards and a popular tourist destination.  Girrinbai stands on Awabakal Land the land of our First people.

Girrinbai is an Aboriginal word and it means ' First Born Female Child ' it is derived from the Awabakal language from our local region .We selected this name as we liked the sound of the word and it represented the majority of our teaching staff in our centre.

We will also use the words Wonai- referring to a child in Awabakal. The Awabakal Language is the traditional Language  of our region where Girrinbai stands. Girrinbai Community Preschool would like to pay our respects to the Aboriginal  Awabakal People, the traditional custodians of this land on which Girrnbai is located. On behalf of all our Staff and families, we extend a warm welcome as we walk together in partnership.We offer a strong cultural programme including Language.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a high  quality educational service that exceeds current regulations and ensures that education is delivered in a relaxed, safe, supportive atmosphere for the children and parents in the Eastlakes Community.

Please read our service philosophy  from this link.   Pre-school Philosophy.

Why choose Girrinbai for your child?

Girrinbai is a Not For Profit Preschool. Our children  are too precious for profit. 

  1. We are a safe organisation committed to the 10 National Safety Principles in Child Protection.We actively promote child safety and implement child safety programmes.

  2. We make no  compromise in quality by employing quality educators and Degree Early Childhood Teachers. 

  3. On all days our staff ratio per child is higher than the stated regulations. Our commitment to above ratios ensures high quality in our interactions with the children.

  4. Our staff team are committed to building relationships with the families of the Eastlakes area and this is shown through their dedication and long term association to Girrinbai Preschool.

  5. We have specialised staff trained in Child Development,  Special Needs , Cultural Enrichment and Signed English ( Sign Language).

  6. We have strong links with our Aboriginal Community making Girribai a safe place for Aboriginal families.

  7. Our curriculum is based on the individual needs of the children by monitoring their personal development , growth and interests. We ensure that we provide for the development and growth in  physical, emotional, cultural , social and intellectual abilities.We follow the Early Years Learning Framework.

  8. Our centre meets all quality areas as stated in the National Standards. Exceeding in some standards.

  9. Our centre provides the children with the opportunity to participate and learn in small groups which will enable them to develop their self-esteem and individualism.

  10. Extra curricula activities are offered which extends and compliments our programme. These activities include cultural , scientific and dramatic play events.

  11. Cultural and Aboriginal Teachers are employed to  enrich our cultural programmes when applicable.

  12. Supervision of children is always a priority in our service .

  13. Specialised programmes taught in our centre include  Aboriginal Education, Child Protection , Social Skills, Sign Language, Perceptual Motor , Art Education and Fundamental Movement Skills and Storytelling.

  14. Our programmes are designed to your child's individual needs. We provide to  enrich your child's strengths ,  skills and endeavour to  ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

  15. We are community owned which means we are not for profit therefore all fees go into providing quality care and education for your child. At Girrinbai ,we don't profit- your child does.

  16. Extended hours are offered to cater to working families.

  17. Being a community owned centre ,  you as a parent are given the opportunity to have a say on how the service is run and the care and education provided for your child. 

  18. Our location is central to many and offers the advantage of being adjacent to Jewells Primary School- ideal for one drop off point for the two schools.

  19. This advantage also leads to a natural integration from preschool to primary school for many-no new environment only graduation to  big school.

  20. The playground is purpose built for the children, whilst trees and sun cover shades protect from the damaging UV rays.

  21. We offer safe drop off points with adequate parking-an essential safety consideration when making the important decision as to  which preschool your child should attend.

  22. We encourage community involvement.

Girrinbai Preschool is a community based centre and we receive funding from the NSW Government. One requirement for funding is that we must have in place a set of goals for our organisation in which funds will be allocated. 

To view our Quality Improvement Plan please go to the Goals Page by clicking on the link at the top of the page. To View our Committee Minutes Please go to  Our Goals Page.


      Please Visit our Rooms.

Our two rooms are parallel and there are 20 children within each room. Our programmes are based on the interests , cultures and needs of the children within each room.We have a strong focus on the culture of our  First People.


The Kimberly room

Here are a few links that we have browsed that you might find interesting.



The Coral room

Updated  Wednesday 13th April 2022

National Early Years Learning Framework             Australian’s Children’s Care and Education Authority

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Northcott NDIS Services and Support                                                    Australian Early Childhood  Association

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Operating Hours        

8.30am to 4.00pm                              
Extended Hours 4.00pm to 4.30pm.

Limited Places. .Priority Access

working families.

Operating within the DET NSW

School Terms. No Fees are paid in

school holidays or public holidays.

Girrinbai is proudly meeting all National Quality Standards in all seven quality areas.


Girrinbai is now taking enrollments for 2022/23:

2 Days Free Fees between 8.30am and 4.00pm

Places available for 4 year old children and three year old children.

Priority to 5/4 year old children and 3 year old children (Aboriginal, Low Income , Special Needs,Triplets and Children with English as a Second Language.)

Children must be enrolled for a minimum of  two days.

No one day placements due to Start Strong Funding Guidelines.