The following records need to be maintained by the centre and kept on the premises as per Department of Education and Community Services guidelines:

-The child's full name ,date of birth, residential address and sex.

-Details of any allergies suffered by the child or any relevant medical history.

-The full name , residential address ,place of employment and a contact number of the parent of the child.

-Any special requirements of the child.

-The ethnic and cultural identity to which the child belongs and the primary language spoken at home.

-Any court orders affecting the custody or access to a child.

-The full name, address and phone number of any person authorised to collect a child from the premises.

-The name, address and phone number of the child's doctor.

-Any medications required by the child on the appropriate medical form.Medical Action Plans signed by Dr.

-A parent's permission for emergency , dental , hospital and ambulance service.

-A parent's permission for the child to be taken on any excursion or escorted to a specific place.Permission for Jewells School Events.

-The nature and circumstances of any injury to the child.

-Particulars of treatment given to the child if injured or ill. To be recorded on the Accident/ Illness form.

-If a child dies at the service, details surrounding the death.

-The actual times in which the child is cared for at the centre,

-A programme of development for the child.

-Staff rosters at the centre. The actual attendance of staff.

-Details of any complaint made by a parent of the service and the action taken by the service to resolve the complaint.

-A copy of any relevant qualifications of any staff member.

-A copy of first aide certificates / child protection training and Anaphylactic emergency training of staff.

-Arrival and Departure of children at the service.

-The Daily Routine of the service.

-The Weekly Programme at the service.

-The service must keep the centre's weekly programme for 3 years.

-The service must keep the developmental programmes for the child for 3 years after the child leaves the service.

-Records must be kept in a safe and secure environment where they can be obtained in 1 working day.

-Accident reports and treatment given to the child must be retained until the child is 24 years of age.

-Any child who dies at the service, the records surrounding the death must be kept for 6 years.

-Any medication given to the child must be retained for 3 years from the date of the signature.

-Within a period of 3 year  after the child ceases to be enrolled at the centre the Authorised Supervisor must be requested to do so provide the parent with the child's developmental records.

-Records are confidential and are only available to:

a) The Licensee

b) The Authorised Supervisor.

c) A member of staff authorised to access the records.

d) An Authorised Officer.

e) A person authorised by law.

  1. f)A parent of the child.