Medications Policy

Medical Conditions of Children

According to the National Regulations Division 3—Medical conditions policy 90 on page 108 to 110 of the National Children’s Services Regulations the Nominated supervisor must ensure that all staff and parents abide by these conditions set out in the regulations.   A copy of the regulations is available from the Nominated Supervisor.

Upon enrolment to Girrinbai Community Preschool it is a condition that parents provide up to date information on their child’s current medical conditions and needs.  This will include any specific medical conditions and allergies known to the child, any medications the child is on or any life threatening conditions known about the child.

If the child has any of the following

1a life threatening condition

2regular medications

3asthma, diabetes or any equivalent condition

4a particular allergy that is life threatening;

then the parent needs to provide the preschool with a medical management plan outlined by the child’s medical specialist that details the risks, procedures and management of the condition.We will ocmplete a risk management and communication plan.

Specific forms for anaphylaxis, asthma and diabetes will need to be completed.  This management plan will be displayed in prominent places in the centre to ensure the safety of the child.  Educators will conduct mock emergency procedures and practise regularly for the unlikely event of this type of emergency.

A copy of this policy will be provided to the parent upon enrolment.

Medications will be given at the Preschool under the following conditions:

Only prescriptive medication will be administered. This must be in the original container . Panadol may be given only to children who have convulsions with high temperatures or to children who have permission from their parents when suffering from a high temperature. Parents must provide permission for this upon enrolment.
Medications must be clearly labelled. with the child's name and correct dosage. It must be in the original container.
All details must be recorded on the medications form. This form is available from any staff.
Any child who has Asthma or requires medication for an anaphylactic reaction must have their  medication on the premises at all times. This must be given to your child's teacher. A medications form must be completed.
Under no circumstances is a child to have medication in his / her bag or locker.
If your child has asthma or an  allergy  then a separate asthma form must be completed.