In 2020 we will be focusing on the following:

           Continuing our playground upgrades and classroom upgrades .

          Completing a RAP for our organisation and participating in Aboriginal Cultural Training.

          Working in our new self assessment tasks.


  In 2019 we will be focusing on the following:

           Continuing our playground upgrades and classroom upgrades  .

          Completing a RAP for our organisation.

           Completing our communal garden.

          Working on professional Practice and Developing policies pertaining to Professional Practice.


Annual Report for Girrinbai  Community  Preschool for the year of  2018.

Annual Report for the Year 2017 A Year In Review Presented at our Annual General Meeting inMarch 2018.

Annual Report for Girrinbai Community for the year 2018

2018 was a very productive year for Girrinbai Community Preschool

which involved our centre receiving our second Assessment and

Rating Report from the Department of Education in late November


Feedback from this assessment was very positive with our service

meeting all the National Standards in the seven quality areas. This

time we were rated against the new standards which came into effect

in January 2018. This is a very detailed assessment and I am very

proud of our team in achieving this result for Girrinbai. This formal

assessment is completed every five years with continued inspections

at varying times in between to ensure compliance of the service with

the National Law and Standards.

In 2018 our preschool was going to be supported by a cluster

organisation - Community Services Central Management (CSCM ) ,

however due to major changes in their organizational structure this

was no longer a viable option for our centre. CSCM was one of the

leading organisation in Early Childhood and they were engaged due

to the declining number of people that had the time to be on the

preschool's management team in the capacity role of an Approved


Girrinbai was very lucky to have a team of dedicated parents that

agreed to be the Approved Provider for 2018. As part of the NSW

DET Requirements Governance Training was provided to support

our new board in their role and to ensure that they were aware of the

regulatory requirements under the National Law and Standards. This

is an ongoing requirement in supporting our voluntary management

committee. Governance training is provided to all board members

after our AGM.

I would like to sincerely thank Jonathan Berry, Maria Romiti, Melanie

White, Erin McDonnell and Belinda Kesby for all of your enormous

work behind the scenes to apply for grants, fundraise for our

projects, rebuild our beautiful playground and classrooms and

engage with the DET with our lease and our various projects over the

year. We have been very lucky to have had your support in making

our community preschool better for the community of Jewells ..

In 2018 we also engaged an independent accountant to complete our

financi al statements and payment of wages. Liz Azappardi was a

tremendous help to me in supporting the financial accountability of

the preschool over the year. Due to significant changes in financial

requirements and the announcement of CCSA"S (Community

Connections solutions Australia), we decided to move to their

Business Solutions Department as they specialize in Early Childhood

Education. They have proven to be an asset to our centre and are

able to support Girrinbai in budgeting, understanding the Start

Strong Funding and accountability including grant aquitals. They also

understand payroll for Early Childhood and Teacher's Agreements as

well as paying our Tax and BAS obligations. This reduces the load on

the Management Committee.

Our enrolment capacity of the preschool remained very high over

2018 and we only had one vacancy in our service. We continued to

enroll families based on the Start Strong Guidelines and Principles

and this diversity was reflected in our enrolment patterns. We

continued to support children with additional needs along with

Aboriginal families and families from low income backgrounds

providing low fees to enable our families to achieve the 600 hours

requirements for attendance. We supported children with English as

a second language and set up translation programmes where

required. Our fees remained the same as 2017 in 2018 due to the

increased number of 4 year old children in our service- our

Government fee supported our fee rates. We were able to make a

small profit in 2018 however due to increased fees in rent, services

and staffing costs we will need to consider a fee increase for 2019 ..

We were able to support many four year olds in our centre and the

majority of children enrolled for the minimum 600 hours enrolment

requirement set by the DET. Late in 2018 we welcomed the

department's introduction for fee support forthree year old children

in 2019 and this will be a gradual process over the next few years to

enable three year old children to also receive some fee relief. As an

Early Childhood Professional that has worked in this industry for

over 30 years, it is essential that three year old children attend for

two years of early childhood preschool education to receive the

benefits of a quality preschool programme.

At the commencement of 2018 the Department of Education took

over from Northcott with Disability Funding. Due to this change we

did not receive acknowledgement of our funding for our additional

needs children until June. This caused some stress in our

organisation as we were not quaranteed that the children would be

approved for funding until June. We were very lucky to have received

support for all of our funded children and this funding was backdated

to January which enabled us to support our children with additional

needs with support educators. This transition process will be easier

in 2019 as the Department are already funding preschools for

additional needs children from the commencement of the year.

I was also able to apply for a small grant to purchase equipment for

one of our children that required mobility and motor equipment. This

was much appreciated by the family and centre staff.

In 2018 the DET had several grants available to enhance the

aesthetic appearance of the centre and through this process I was

able to secure money to upgrade our blinds in the centre as well as

erect the new fencing and gates around the perimeter. A special

thank you to Darren and Melanie White for researching the blind

colours, purchasing and installing these new blinds throughout the

centre. They look fabulous. This will also support our children with

asthma 9reduced dust) and our children with autism as the colour

selected supports their sensory needs. Purchasing our blinds also

enabled our organisation to achieve one of our QIP .

Another special thank you to the committee and especially to

Jonathan and the group of parents and Linda for installing the fencing

over the annual leave period. We are very happy with the new

fencing and in knowing that the children are safe and secure. It looks


One major achievement was the upgrading of the centre's playground

to accommodate n,ew soft fall, wider pathing and a special swing that

is also suitable for children with low mobility or no movement. This

swing and widening of our paths and wider gates were possible

through the DET Disability application Grant. This work was

completed over the January School holidays in extreme heat. A

special thank you to Play Sure for their outstanding work in

improving the aesthetics of our playground and in the refurbishment

of our soft fall. The children absolutely love our new section of the

playground especially the swings.

Thank you to Jonathan Berry for his co-ordination of our playground

and for all the many hours that you put into ensuring that this project

would be completed in time. It is very much appreciated. Continued

planning for more water ways and better pathing will be an ongoing

project for our new committee.

Late in 2018 we were also successful in receiving a part grant for

solar panels. We are in the early stages of this grant and are currently

working on approval for the grant. Special thank you to Maria Romiti

for all the extra work behind the scenes to apply for grants for our


In 2018 our main focus in our programme was ensuring that our

learning was more visible to our families. This is a requirement

under the regulations and we wanted to show case the wonderful

programmes that we do on a daily basis with our families. We

commenced our project book displays and set up an area where

parents can comment on the activities or even suggest ideas for us to

work with the children. This is working extremely well with all staff

contributing to the planning and the programme through this book.

In 2019 we will continue this project style booklet and work harder

on engaging family feedback.

Another aspect of our planning involved reflective practice. In 2018

all educators had reflective diaries to develop their own professional

skills through reflecting on their practices and identifying areas that

they could enhance their skills or the learning of the children that

they were working with. Ongoing reflection is part of the new

standards and we will be focusing on including this in our curriculum

slideshows as a more visible reflection in 2019.

In 2019 we have also purchased the Penlelope QlP Programme which

enables all educator's and our Approved Provider to link our goals to

our QlP which will also enable greater reflection as the programme

has a self assessment tool included.

In 2018 Linda initiated a project to support the Save the Farmer's

from the Drought. This was very successful with the children learning

all about drought and what this means. Our families got behind this

project and donated many items for the Farmers. Linda and my

husband took all of the donation to Spears Point Park - Linda labeled

all of our donation and due to this hard work we received many

emails and letters back from the Farmers to thank us for our

generosity. This was such a well supported project and I would like

to commend Linda for the extra time and work that she put in to

support this community project.

In 2018 Gillie also begun a garden project using the donated garden

beds and adding vegetables to our beds for cooking at the preschool.

In 2019 we will take this project further by creating a community

garden in this area. Gillie will be the co-ordinator of this wonderful

community project. This was only possible through a grant from

Woolworths to support the building of the garden walls in the car


We were also very lucky to continue our relationship with our

Aboriginal Community and Lyn was successful in obtaining a

placement for the Awabakal Language programme which ran for 12

weeks after hours. This also concluded with a three day connection

to country programme. From this programme Girrinbai was also

successful in being selected for the Awabakal Language Programme

in 2019. We are looking forward to implementing this programme

later in the year.

In 2018 we also said goodbye to two wonderful staff members from

our team.

Kate Halsey was a dedicated educator working in the role of

inclusive educator for several years before being successful in

obtaining an Assistant's Role at Girrinbai. Unfortunately life happens

and Kate and her family moved away to the country for a different

lifestyle. Kate was a wonderful educator. She always put the needs of

the children first and she worked very well with our children with

additional needs. Kate will be missed at Girrinbai but I wish her all

the best in her new endeavours.

At the end of the year Tamara Edwards also put in her resignation

notice with much sadness. Tamara was always smiling ... she was our

mother hen looking out for everyone ... both staff and children.

Tamara in 2018 was supporting a child with very high needs and the

family asked her to continue supporting their daughter at school as

an aide in a school. Tamara was the perfect person for this role and

with a sad heart I accepted her resignation. We wish Tamara the very

best in her new role with the Department of Education. You will be

missed at Girrinbai.

I would like to sincerely thank our dedicated management team

consisting of jonathan Berry, Melanie White, Erin McDonnell, Belinda

Kesby and Maria Romiti for all of your time given to ensuring our

community preschool overcame two financial loses in a row. It was

not easy making some difficult decisions to ensure that we made a

profit this year however you were successful under the guidance of

Liz and CCSA to help support our financial management as well as

some strict expenditure in the day to day running of the preschool.

A preschool cannot operate without a team of wonderful educators

and teachers. This is one of the main attributes of Girirnbai - a

dedicated ,committed staff team that goes well above their duties to

ensure that the children and families of jewells and surrounds are

provided with a high quality educational preschool. A special thank

you to Fleur, Gillie, Linda, jody, Chrissy, Noeline, Tamika ,Paradise

and Hayley for your commitment to our families and children on a

daily basis.

A special thank you to Fleur for all of the extra work that you do to

support me in my role as Director. This is very much appreciated.

In 2019 our focus will be the continuing of improving the aesthetics

of the centre. Our main fundraising goals will be working towards

raising funds for painting our centre and in the renewal of our

classroom tables and equipment eg blocks. We will need to apply for

grants to continue our maintenance of the playground.

We will be working on ensuring that our programmes reflect the

interest and needs of the children and ensuring that our families

contribute to our programme and planning.

We look forward to working with our community to create a

wonderful community garden in 2019 and beyond.

I hope that you take up this opportunity to become part of a dynamic


Lyn Best


Girrinbai Preschool.


03 President Report 2019_letterhead.docx Page 1 of 3

26 March 2019

President’s Report for 2019

In late February 2018, it appeared imminent that the management of the Girrinbai Preschool would be transferred to CSCM, leaving the management committee to effectively operate as a “P&C Committee”. However, in the week preceding the 2018 AGM, CSCM reviewed their existing structure and withdrew the offer to take on Girrinbai Preschool. This left Girrinbai to remain as a community preschool with the approved provider made up of parents volunteering their time.

The previous committee all resigned their positions and the new committee was pulled together from parents. This committee came together with only Girrinbai in common, but has pulled together to provide fantastic outcomes for the year. Each person brought a valuable skill set to the group, along with their patience and determination to make Girrinbai better.

Key achievements for the 2018 / 2019 year starting March 2018 include:

1. Established a new long term book keeping and management support provider. This came about as follows: a. CSCM continued to provide management, human resources support and payroll services for the first few months of the period.

b. CSCM services were discontinued in June 2018 and book keeping services replaced by Elizabeth Stassous (former book keeper at CSCM) until October 2018.

c. CCSA commenced providing book keeping services in November 2018.

2. Implemented budget controls to ensure the pre-school would remain solvent, this can be summarised as follows: a. In 2016 the Preschool finished the year with a $35,000 loss in part due to redundancies.

b. In 2017, after further budget control measures the preschool finished the year with a $11,000 loss, due in part to redundancies.

c. For 2018, we are pleased to advise the preschool recorded a $9,158 surplus, which assists in balancing the substantial losses of previous years, and results in the pre-school having just enough cash reserves to offset its liabilities. It should be stressed that the auditor has recommended another surplus for 2019 to continue to balance


03 President Report 2019_letterhead.docx Page 2 of 3

past losses to meet liabilities. To highlight the sensitivity of the budget to change, this surplus makes up only 1.3% of the total preschool income.

3. Provided discounted grounds work and maintenance through the year, including: a. The groundskeeper quit in June 2018, Committee elected not to replace groundsman until completion of the playground and satisfied requirements through volunteer work.

b. A new company is now engaged and appears to be providing good service.

4. Implemented existing grant under the 2017 Community Building Partnership Grant won by the previous committee for the replacement of the softfall: a. Revised preschool plans and reviewed options for edging.

b. Engaged contractor to install soft fall.

c. Integrated the replacement of softfall with new grants to provide better overall outcome.

5. Won new grants, including: a. A grant for blinds, paint and playground fencing materials.

b. Approximately 1/3 of funding for a 10kW solar panel system.

c. Funding for the replacement of the front door with a wider automatic door, the installation of a rubber path way and installation of a new swing to improve disability support.

d. Land care grant from Woolworths.

6. Undertook fundraising, including: a. Mothers Day.

b. Fathers Day.

c. Tea towels.

d. Bunnings BBQ.

7. Improved management, including: a. Creation of a new consolidated cloud-based storage drive for the management committee to help ensure new management committee’s get to pickup from the last, improving long term memory.

b. Undertook a full staff survey to review what is going well and areas to improve. The Director and staff are now working through the outcomes of the survey to improve Girrinbai for staff, students, parents for future years.


03 President Report 2019_letterhead.docx Page 3 of 3

The Future

With all the work completed this year, the existing committee, while acknowledging the new committee will undoubtedly form their own agenda, but we have the following hopes for the future direction of Girrinbai:

• Continue to provide the excellent service it provides.

• Working with the Committee, CCSA and the Director develop budget throughout the year based on current funding and expenses.

• Continue to watch the budget and ensure that fees, government funding, wages and expenses are kept in line to ensure the future financial viability of the preschool.

• Grants that have been won are completed (e.g. solar and garden).

• New grants are applied for to further improve the preschool.

• Adopt the new model constitution, needs to be done by a Special Meeting or similar.

• Work on completing projects for the preschool, including: o Improving the back area of the preschool, and making it playground suitable.

o Completing the garden project at the front of preschool.

o Install drainage grate in playground to improve drainage.

o Install water drainage and garden system along Fencott fence.

Some of the Committee may be available to stay on for 2019 if needed, while others will leave the committee, however, I know all of the committee wish its new members and enjoyable year ahead. All of the management committee are happy to assist the new committee navigate the year ahead.

I personally have enjoyed working with the committee and the pre-school this year and look forward to watching it move from strength to strength.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Berry

President 2018/19

Girrinbai Community Preschool Incorporated


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