Girrinbai Community Preschool holds several emergency procedures throughout the year. These emergency procedures will occur every 3 months.   Week 5 of every term.


The closest educator who notices the emergency will call out in a loud voice EVACUATION

Teachers in the CORAL ROOM  to check the rooms/ store rooms and the hall, the Nappy Change Room, The Disabled Toilet, The Paint Room, The Kitchen and the Educator’s Room.

Teachers in the KIMBERLEY ROOM  to check the classroom, children’s bathroom, Director’s Office, Language Room and the Main Office.   These checks will be added to the bottom of each class roll.

Assistants to take the children to their emergency exits.  The CORAL ROOM to exit via their back door and to proceed through the rear exit gates to the school playground near the cricket nets.

The KIMBERLEY ROOM exits through the classroom doors to the playground exit out the front unless the fire is in the office.  Then proceed through the back door and turn right to the playground.  Assemble outside in the school grounds- grass area.

Other ASSISTANTS and PARENTS to help with the children.

DIRECTOR  to take the STAFF ROLL and KIMBERLEY ROLL.  Take a mobile Phone.  Medical kit bag to be brought out to the playground.

TEACHER in CORAL ROOM to take the CORAL ROLL.  Take a mobile Phone

OFFICE MANAGER or DIRECTOR to ring the appropriate emergency department.  Take out mobile Phone. Parents details are at the back of the staff sign in books.

NAME: Girrinbai Community Preschool

ADDRESS: 7 Fencott Drive Jewells. 

CROSS STREETS: ALSTON Parade and Ntaba  Road, Jewells NSW.

Please become aware of emergency exits.   Girrinbai is monitored by Wormald Fire who inspect our facilities twice per annum.

In the event of a blackout the emergency lights will come on enabling educators to see the clear exit ways.

Copies of emergency procedures which include the location of fire hydrants are located in both classrooms and at the main office.  Please become familiar with these visual procedures. 

Educators will be trained in the use of Fire Hydrants every four years as recommended by Wormald.