Girrinbai Community Preschool Inc. is funded by the Department of Community Services and our organisation abides by the Deed of Funding. The Deed of Funding sets out regulations for enrolment. The Department's priorities are:

The service must provide:

* Equal access to families regardless of gender , race ethnicity or disability.

*An affordable service to cater to a range of economic families.

* An equitable access to a quality service which promotes cultural identity.

Procedures for enrolments:

Girrinbai operates with a license capacity of 120 places per week / 40 children per day.

Girrinbai is a two unit centre.

When completing enrolments we follow the following guidelines.

  1. *Children are enrolled based on their age level as per Department Policy. This policy is based on the Universal Access Programme and it ensures that children  are given priority if they are in their year before formal schooling. Please refer to Start Strong Guidelines.

  2. *Three year old children who meet the set funding criteria will also be given a priority. To have a priority a three year old child MUST meet these following criteria:

  3. -Have English as their Second Language.

  4. -Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Decent.

  5. -Be from a low economic family.

* When all the above criteria is met then the centre will enroll three year old with the priority of siblings first. Three year old children are now funded under the start strong programme at a percentage rate.

Other Enrollment Criteria.

* The centre aims to ensure that there is an even number of girls to boys per day if possible.

* Children with a Special Need/ ESL/ or Special Circumstance / Aboriginal / Referred Child are given equal access based on the above criteria. To ensure that the needs of children are met , children with specific needs will be dispersed throughout the whole centre. We can only have a maximum of two special needs children  per day in each room due to staffing requirements.

* Siblings of previous children enrolled are a priority to encourage community spirit once the set Department Guidelines have been met.

* Priority is given to children that enrol in  for 16 hours per week. Three day placements are a priority.

*Individual needs are considered when enrolling children e.g. family crisis, individual children's circumstances ( language , social /cultural needs).

Girrinbai has in place the following to support the Departmental Guidelines:

  1. *We have a tiered fee system to cater to three different fee levels.

*We employ Special Needs Assistants to work with children with Special Needs ( additional to our primary staff).There is a maximum 15 hours funding for additional needs children.)

*We employ Cultural / Aboriginal  Teachers when applicable ( additional to license).

* We can offer placements for two year old children only when all other enrollments have been placed and there is a vacancy. Two year old children do not receive any funding.

*We support cultural identity through the employment of various resource teachers.