Parking area drive way rules

Girrinbai provides car park places for the Preschool Parents as well as the Jewells School Parents. Please note that Girrinbai operates between 8.30am and 4.30 pm and we have children enrolled during these times. Therefore car places MUST BE AVAILABLE for PRESCHOOL PARENTS during these hours.

Only Preschool Parents who have children enrolled in preschool for that current day can park in the preschool only car parks.

The Disabled Car Park is reserved for parents who have a disability or a child with a disability (Preschool Only).

The remaining car park spaces can be utilised by parents from the Jewells School providing that they follow the car park safety guidelines.


Enter via the arrows.

Be aware of small children in the car park

Drive slowly and exit slowly

Hold your child’s hand when in the car park to re-enforce safety procedures

Only park in the car parking places not on the curved driveway entrance

Enter and Exit the car park driving no more than 10km an hour.

Please stop at the footpath to ensure that no children are crossing this area.

As Girrinbai is located in the grounds of Jewells Primary School- it is a high traffic area for School Children as well as preschool children.

Educators are requested to park on the street to ensure that the car park is available for parents.

If these rules are not followed then your car park licence plate will be recorded and forwarded to Belmont Police Station -who monitor our car park from time to time.