In regards to the children attending the centre I will:
1.	Be responsive to children's participation in all areas by encouraging and guiding their learning, viewing children as competent, capable and resourceful in all that they do.

2.	Create stimulating learning environments, which enhance children’s learning, their development and which help to facilitate their needs and interests.

3.	Nurture relationships with children to be able to provide them with the emotional support so they can increasingly be able to recognise and respect others and develop positive interactions with others. To acknowledge that this takes time for children to build positive relationships with others.

4.	Honour children's right to play, as both a process and context for learning.

5.	Respect the rights of children and act in the best interest of all children at all times

6.	Develop and maintain warm and nurturing relationships with children being sensitive to their needs and respond in ways that empower and maintain their dignity.

2.	To respect the children’s rights to self assess risks and support this decision-making

3.	Encourage children to be active, engaged and to participate in activities, which support their development in all areas, as well as physically, socially and emotionally.

Consider the parents' perspectives when making decisions, which have an impact on the education & wellbeing of their children.
In regards to the Centre and Programme I will:
1.	To adopt the Centre's philosophy and at all times and follow policies and procedures applicable to Laws and Regulations.

2.	 To implement the Early Years Learning Framework as our main curriculum being guided by current practices, theories and methods. 

3.	Adapt the five principles as stated in the Early Years Learning Framework ensuring that I:

a)	Develop secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.
b)	Develop positive partnerships
c)	Support high expectations and equity
d)	Acknowledge diversity
e)	Participate in ongoing learning and reflective practices.

4.	Use the natural environment as a resource in all areas of learning.

5.	Maintain practices and teachings that are reflective on current practice.

6.	Maintain on-going learning and professional development.

7.	Maintain a professional approach to my work duties and comply with my job descriptions and duties within the centre. 

8.	Provide activities, which increase confidence and self-esteem taking into account the diversity of children, their cultural differences and learning styles. 

9.	Provide flexible learning environments and opportunities using a variety of technologies to enhance this learning. 

10.	Practice in ways that support sustainability projects within the service and encourage the children to develop environmental practices. 

 In regards to the Community of the centre I will:
1.	Listen to and work with the local Awabakal Indigenous community to build a better knowledge of language and culture.

2.	To work with families to ensure each child’s needs are well met and to strive to develop positive relationships with families, which are based on mutual trust, respect and open communication.

3.	To be an advocate for young children, early childhood services, and my profession including the importance of formal qualifications in early childhood studies.

4.	Foster pride in, and appreciation for, the people working, attending, or who are involved with our centre.

5.	 Adapt policies pertaining to anti bullying to ensure the safety of the children, parents and educators of the service.

6.	To maintain confidentiality at all times unless this impacts on service law and ethical behaviours. 

7.	To maintain a professional relationship with children and parents both on school grounds and in the social media.

8.	To be inclusive of all children regardless of race, culture and religion. To be respectful of their uniqueness and individual needs.

9.	To encourage and offer guidance for families to understand our administrative policies and procedures.

In Regards to my colleagues of the centre I will:
1.  Promote and support ongoing professional development within my work team.

1.	Share and build knowledge, experiences and resources with my colleagues.

2.	Maintain positive respectful relationships with work colleagues collaborating to generate a culture of continual reflection and renewal of high quality practices in early childhood.

3.	Work with my colleagues to promote policies and working conditions, which are non-discriminatory, and that foster competence, well being and positive self-esteem.

4.	Practise work safety policies to ensure a safe environment for myself and colleagues.