Settling children into the service

In term 1 we will provide  above ratio educators every day in each room for the first four weeks.   This will provide a more nurturing environment, which will enable the children to settle into a new setting ensuring they have adequate support, supervision and interactions with educators over this time.   This will enable educators to provide more one to one support for those children who show anxiety when they first commence at a new service.  It will also enable teachers the opportunity to converse with families about the welfare of their child whilst ensuring that above ratios are still maintained for the supervision of children.

The welfare and wellbeing of children are paramount at Girrinbai and are our priority.

Children’s comforters and individual requirements

As children settle into the centre, educators need to ensure that the children’s individual comforters are supported and encouraged in consultation with the families.   This will support and nurture the wellbeing of each child and their sense of self.  Individual comforters include dummies, bottles, blankies, teddies, etc. 

Over time these comforters will be gradually withdrawn upon observation and close reflection of each individual child in consultation with family members.

Preschool programme in relation to wellbeing

The preschool’s daily routine must ensure opportunities for quiet and active play.  There must be physical spaces provided for children to engage in quiet activities or more active activities.

Programmes must be flexible to allow for individual needs where applicable.