Please place you child's name on our waitlist for positions when they become available. .Please ring to enquire.

Our service follows the 600 hours incentive programme established by the NSW Government. Our Funding Programme is called :Start Strong.   

Link to this programme can be found here:

Priority is for children in their year before school or if they are 4 before the 31st July. Our centre gives priority to Aboriginal, CALD  families from low income backgrounds and Special Needs children.  Children that are three years of age that meet the set criteria for funding are given a priority. Three year old siblings will then be placed in the service . All other vacant places will be allocated to the remaining three year old children when they become available .In 2019 three year old children will be partly funded through the NSW start strong programme.

  1. *Our 2020 Fee System:

  2. *Low Income and ATSI $10 per day

  3. *4/5 Year Old children $32 per day

  4. *3 year old children $37 per day

  5. *2019 One day only placements $46.00  ( Only available when all two day placements have been filled).

  6. *Extended hours fee after 4.00pm $10.00

* This system is per Department of Education  and Communities:

* Upon enrollment you will be notified of the daily fee per tiered category. To qualify for a reduced fee you will need to ensure that your pension card/ health care card is up to date. This needs to be photocopied and kept at the centre.

  1. *We have extended hours from 4.00pm-4.25pm. The cost for this service is $10.00 .A late fee after this time is charged at $10.00 per 10 minute period or part there of. Priority to working families. Maximum of 20 children only.

  2. *

*Upon enrollment you will need to pay a deposit holding fee. This fee will be two weeks fees in advance. This deposit fee is then used as your child's last two weeks fees at the centre. If you withdraw your child from the centre then you must provide us with two weeks notice in writing or your deposit fee will be withheld.

*There is also a membership fee and an insurance fee -$15.00. This is not refunded.



* To enroll your child at Girrinbai you need to place your child on the waiting list.

We will need to know the following:

- Child's Name and D.O.B.

-Address , email and phone numbers .

-Any particular needs of your child ( allergies , special needs. asthma)

-If your child has a Special Need or Cultural Needs.This includes language, autism, downs syndrome,developmental delay etc,

-Any preferences for days.

-If you hold a  current pension or health card.


* You may phone or e-mail your application .Our phone number is :

(02) 49473044 our e-mail is or click on email link on the front page.

There is no fee to place your child on the waiting list.



  1. *Upon enrollment to Girrinbai, your child will need to bring the following:

  2. *-Fruit /Vegetable Break -1 small item.

- Afternoon Tea ( We have a healthy eating policy at the centre therefore we ask that you pack foods that have a high nutritional content for your child). Please refer to the Healthy Eating Policy under our Policy Manual. You may also like to visit the Munch and Move Website.


-Late Afternoon Tea- if staying past 4.00pm

-Sun Smart Clothing- please refer to our policy.

-A change of clothes- please place in school bag NOT in a plastic bag. 

-A water bottle.On hot days please fill your child’s water bottle up half with ice and half with water. We will take these outside.

- Rest bag- fitted sheets/ comforter and cuddly toy if needed. (Rest bags needs to be brought daily even if your child does not sleep).

-A sun hat -wide brim and sun screen applied  ( 30 plus) before attending.

-Asthma medication if your child is an asthmatic.

-Allergy medication if your child is allergic to any products.

-Medications if your child is on permanent medication.

-You also will need to have your child’s current immunization document. This MUST be updated and kept up to date at all times for maintain your enrollment.

-Please label all items as above.



Girrinbai has a comprehensive policy document that is available for all families upon enrollment.

Several policies are listed in your child's enrollment booklet.

Click to view our policies below.

-Nutritional Policy and Get up and Move Programme

-Health  and Hygiene. -washing hands/ spread of infection

Interactions with children

-Well being of children- settling in to preschool.

-Evacuation Drill

-Student and Intern


-Playground Safety

-Code of conduct


-Behaviour Management

-Arrival and Departure

-Sun Policy

-Substitute Policy

-Environmental Policy

-Driveway Rules

-Complaints and Grievances

Record retention

Sleep and Rest Procedures

Parent Feedback and Communication

Return to School